• Hyderabad
  • February 13, 2021 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Free seat in JIIUs Indian Institute of Medical Science

Couple of weeks ago, I met a pan shop owner in Hyderabad through a friend who was paralyzed since 15-20 years who was a farmer before that. That pan shop was also his home, he sleeps in it.
He said he needed help, I thought it has something to do with his health. But I was shattered when he told me “mera beta Aurangabad se MBBS karra 3rd year mai, mujhe uski fees ke liye aapki help chaiyye”.
His son got a free seat in JIIUs Indian Institute of Medical Science. But in Maharashtra, Govt pays half the fee and other half should be paid by the student.
With the help of almighty our donors, we were able to do that and pay around ₹3,00,000. This case was probably the most important one, because feeding someone or proving some asset to someone is good, but helping a medical student will not only change his life but also his parents, his upcoming generation and those hundreds, thousands he could help in future.
We would sincerely like to thank our donors and our followers for your support, no deed could’ve been done without you.

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