Our Events

  1. Mar-15 Air coolers for residential school
  2. Mar-15 Providing water in slums
  3. Apr-15 Rebuilding the roof for widows
  4. May-15 Govt. School, Asif nagar
  5. Jun-15 Blood donation
  6. Jun-15 Girl rescue
  7. Jul-15 Ramzan giveaway
  8. Jul-15 Eid charity
  9.  Aug-15 Independence day at Burma camp
  10.  Sep-15 Dinner at McDonalds
  11.  Oct-15 Feed the homeless challenge
  12.  Dec-15 Adoption of Kachiguda G. school
  13.  Jan-16 Distribution of Blankets, old clothes
  14.  Feb-16 Projector for E-class at KGHS
  15.  Feb-16 Mid-day snacks scheme at KGHS
  16.  Mar-06 Free health camp
  17. Mar-16 Providing water in slums
  18.  May-16 Health Activity-NIMS
  19.  Jun-16 Stationary for Children
  20.  Jul-16 Food Giveaway
  21.  Jul-16 Clothes Distribution
  22.  Aug-16 Shoes Distribution KGHS
  23.  Aug-16 Students College Fee JNTU
  24.  Sep-16 Health Activity- Care Hospital
  25.  Sep-16 Food Giveaway- Festive
  26.  Oct-16 Intl. Food Day
  27.  Oct-16 Diwali Activity- Festive
  28.  Nov-16 Certification of 80G
  29.  Dec-16 Blanket Distribution
  30. Dec-16 Annual Day- KGHS
  31. Mar-17 Breakfast for Govt school Kids
  32. Apr-17 Health Activity- Kids Surgery CC
  33. Apr-17 Story Telling Workshop
  34. May-17 Education Survey Kachiguda
  35. May-17 Student College Fee
  36. Jun-17 Health Activity- Dialysis
  37. Jun-17 Health Activity- Eye
  38. Sep-17 School Fee- Primary
  39. Oct-17 Diwali- Festive Activity
  40. Dec-17 Annual Day-KGHS
  41. Jan-18 Student College FeeB.Sc
  42. Feb-18 Student College Fee Intermediate
  43. Feb-18 Birthday Celebrations
  44. Mar-18 Stationary Distribution CHS