Meeting with the Education Minister, Jan’17.

For improving the current situation of the Govt. Schools in Hyderabad, we met the
Sri. Kadiyam srihari sir, Education Minister of the State of Telangana.
The Education in Govt. Schools is not bad as we think, but there are certain changes
and improvements the Government needs to take action on, which will make a
huge impact on the school and make them closer to the AIM of our NGO i.e making
the Govt Schools as good as a Private Schools.
We are constantly working, trying our best in every aspect possible in improvising
these schools.

Meeting with Dy. CM, T.S, Jul’17

Met Mahmood Ali, Dy. Chief Minister, Telangana State to discuss about the issues
faced by the Govt Schools in Telangana. The meeting went for more than 30 mins.

Certification of 80G under Income Tax Dept.

Registered u/s 80G of the I.T. Act, 1961. Granted by Commissioner of Income Tax
We already had 12A Certification by the Central Government, now 80G is added to

Adoption of Kachiguda Govt. School, Dec 2015

Freedom Again Foundation is pleased to inform that it has legally adopted the
Government High School.
As a partner, FAF would be undertaking the following responsibilities:
Providing students with basic amenities such as uniforms, books, stationary etc. as
per requirement.
Counseling students to create awareness, inculcate the importance of education, and
build-in a sense of aspiration to do better in life.
Educating students towards cultural, social and moral causes for the betterment of
Providing special classes through externals for better understanding and knowledge.
Taking students for educational trips and excursions.
Co-ordinate with the school authorities to understand the challenges faced by both
students and teachers and work towards resolving them.
Providing students with extra clothing, and monetary benefits as required decreasing
the drop-out rate due to financial instability